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How establishing paternity can benefit your child

Although it’s not a question whether you will be there to provide for your child, you are hoping there is some way you can make it official. In the state of Georgia this is possible to have your name on your child’s birth certificate without marrying your co-parent or partner.

You can establish paternity both at your child’s birth or after the fact with a paternity acknowledgement form. Having this responsibility set in stone can help strengthen the bond between you and your child and allow you to provide for your child in ways you couldn’t before.

Father-child bond

Having a strong connection with any parent can help make children feel more secure. Seeking legal recognition as your child’s father can lead the way to more regular interactions with your child through custody or visitation. Establishing paternity sooner rather than later can be crucial. This is because there is a study that shows that fathers can help infants develop stronger cognition skills.

Plus, there is research that demonstrates that there are positive long-term effects when father figures are involved in their child’s lives. Studies show that children with present fathers can experience less psychological problems, wind up in high-paying jobs and have healthier relationships in the future.

Legal paternity

Although you can provide monetarily for your child without legally establishing paternity, there are government programs your child might not be able to access. Filling out a paternity acknowledgment form can make way for new and unique benefits for your child from birth and beyond, like:

  • Stopping their legal mother from putting them up for adoption
  • Providing steady child support payments
  • Enrolling them in medical care through your insurance
  • Passing along your family name
  • Creating eligibility to receive social security benefits

Being involved in your child’s life is a right that family law attorneys believe is worth defending. So, you can enlist legal aid during any part of the process to ensure you will be able to provide for your child through thick and thin.