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Counter Criminal Charges From A Position Of Strength

Criminal charges can put your freedom, your future and your reputation at stake. In a situation as serious as this, it is vital that your attorney has the skill and determination to fully protect you.

At The Law Office of Blake A. Poole, you can expect your lawyer to take the offensive. Blake Poole thoroughly prepares defense strategies that honor the rights of his clients and position them for the best results possible.

Driven To Protect Your Rights And Freedom

Blake Poole is an aggressive advocate for clients who face felony or misdemeanor charges such as:

He has unique experience with niche topics in Georgia, including sensitive juvenile defense cases and complex criminal appeals. No matter what challenges you face, he will make sure that you can face them with confidence.

Your Lawyer Should Be Ready For The Battle Ahead

In the courtroom, Blake Poole is a fierce defender. Criminal convictions could lead to jail time, fines, career and housing limitations, registration as a sex offender and more. His experience as an Army infantryman gives him the discipline to keep fighting for clients, taking advantage of every opportunity possible.

As a former prosecutor, he knows how to approach your case from both angles. This knowledge allows him to anticipate how the prosecution will build its case against you and counter their arguments. He incorporates firm negotiation tactics when necessary.

Do Not Delay Your Defense

Every day counts. When you need legal help, you can trust Blake Poole to be there. Call 770-573-3707 or email the Gainesville office for a case review. He makes a point to stay communicative at every step of your defense case.