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Pursuing Justice And Protecting Your Rights Through A Criminal Appeal

A guilty verdict or a harsh sentence isn’t necessarily the end of the road. An appeal is an opportunity to challenge the outcome of your criminal case and pursue another ending.

However, the appeals process is much different from the trial. It’s critical to enlist a criminal appeals attorney with knowledge and experience handling these cases.

Our legal team’s commitment to safeguarding your freedom is at the core of our practice. Our lead attorney Blake Poole uses his experience as a former prosecutor and an Army infantryman to counsel our legal team on taking a disciplined and tactical approach to challenge convictions and sentences. Our attorneys know how to navigate the many nuances of the appellate process in state and federal courts.

The Criminal Appeals Process

The criminal appeals process is an opportunity to seek review of the court decision. Unlike a trial, an appeal focuses on the application of law rather than the facts of the case. Most of the arguments on appeal are made in writing, so strong research and writing skills are essential.

Our legal team is adept at both trial and appellate courts, which means we can easily identify errors in the trial court proceedings and effectively raise them on appeal.

Possible Grounds For A Successful Appeal

Appellate courts are extremely limited in their ability to overturn lower court decisions. Having strong grounds for appeal can make all the difference in your case. Those grounds might include:

  • Legal errors
  • Misapplication of the law
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Violations of your rights
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Sentencing errors
  • Abuse of the judge’s discretion

You can count on us to meticulously review your case records and pinpoint any such errors that may have affected the outcome of your trial.

Beyond Appeals: Post-Conviction Relief

In addition to appeals, we handle other forms of post-conviction relief such as habeas corpus petitions, which challenge the legality of imprisonment. We leave no stone unturned in seeking the strongest path forward for his clients.

Get A Second Chance

The fight for justice doesn’t end with a conviction. If you are looking to challenge a court’s decision in your criminal case, talk to our attorneys about your options. Call The Law Offices of Blake A. Poole, LLC, at 770-573-3707 or send us an email to start the conversation.