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2 reasons college students might end up facing drug charges

College students have a reputation for getting themselves into trouble. Once they no longer have constant parental supervision, they will likely experiment with many previously forbidden choices.

Alcohol and drug-related crimes, in particular, have a strong association with modern campus life in Georgia. Students will celebrate their newfound freedom by trying different mind-altering substances and socializing until the early hours of the morning.

Plenty of typically responsible students will make choices during their college years without fully considering the consequences. Some of those students will end up arrested and could pay a long-term price for a foolish youthful mistake. What are some of the more common reasons that college students end up accused of drug offenses?

They find chemical solutions for school issues

The abuse of study drugs is a well-known phenomenon on most college campuses. Young adults may purchase stimulants so that they can finish a major project in a few hours or stay up all night studying. Caffeine is not only dangerous if someone consumes a large amount of it, but it doesn’t have the same medical effects as prescription stimulants.

Students caught purchasing pills or while under the influence of someone else’s medication could face arrest and also on-campus penalties. Anyone who sells or even gives away their medication to others could also find themselves accused of a crime.

They party too hard

Plenty of students run afoul of drug laws while in college in Georgia not because of studying but due to their efforts to enjoy themselves in between classes. Campus police and local law enforcement agencies may target houses where students frequently have parties and could arrest both those drinking while underage and those using any kind of mind-altering substance other than alcohol.

The college students themselves may fail to recognize how serious the issue may be, in part because of a permissive attitude toward drugs in modern youth culture. Their parents may often need to intervene to convince a student to take their charges seriously and to provide them with the support they need to mount an appropriate defense. Understanding how even hard-working college students might be at risk of drug charges can help parents and those heading off to school.