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Does a DUI impact academic pursuits?

Entering college is a life-changing moment. While some students stay close to home, other young people will move hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. Many are on their own for the first time in their lives.

Dealing with the stress of academic pursuits often see younger people having a few cocktails to wind down. While a normal response to homework, extracurriculars, and jobs, getting behind the wheel of their vehicles to return back to their dwellings could result in serious legal trouble.

Severe and life-changing consequences

A drunk driving arrest for college students carries countless consequences. The arrest will not stay private for long. Law enforcement will report the offense to the college, which could lead to expulsion. Other non-criminal penalties from your school could include revocation of a scholarship and loss of on-campus housing.

As most college students are 18 or older, they are technically legal adults and subject to more severe outcomes of their DUI case. In addition to fines and court fees, not to mention the possibility of losing your license, time in jail, community service, or alcohol education programs will take time away from your studies. Significantly higher insurance rates post-conviction can have severe financial impact.

College students should know that a DUI accusation does not mean that a conviction is imminent or automatic. Help from a criminal defense attorney skilled and experienced in drunk driving cases represents the best chance to minimize the penalties or have charges dropped.